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Department Overview
The Department of Art History places art history at its core, with  the integration of art history, conservation and maintenance of cultural relics and museum practice as teaching strategies and general guideline. The objective is to nurture talents with  training in art history, as well as fundamental knowledge in archaeology, conservation and maintenance of cultural relics, and museum collection management and exhibition. Since its establishment in 2003, this objective has served as the guideline for hiring of faculty members and designing courses
In 2010, in order to further enhance the quality of the faculty and to implement the principle of sharing educational resources, the department merged with the Graduate Institute of Art History and Art Criticism, which was established in 1996, becoming a department which offers both Bachelor’s degree program (Department of Art History) and Master’s degree program (Art History and Art Criticism Master’s program).
The Master’s  program is designed upon the undergraduate program provided by the Department of Art History. It extends studies into the professional field of art history and art criticism. In addition to researching  East Asian cultural relics (including Chinese and East Asian cultural relics, artworks, paintings and books, and Buddhist art) and learning to interpret modern and contemporary art (including East Asian modern art, contemporary art, and criticism), students also further their understanding of Western classic art and early modern art (Western art history).
The Master’s program centers on the learning of theories as well as training and implementation of all practical aspects. Our mission is to nurture art history researchers with an understanding of diversified cultures and professional art critics with a solid grasp of art history.
Our department is the only art history related academic institutions in Taiwan that is based upon the integrated structure of its undergraduate program and graduate coursework. Focusing on analysis, evaluation and interpretation of artworks, the Department of Art History combines the learning of art theories with  applying theories to practice  as its direction of professional development.